The Borrego Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Plan covers the eastern portion of San Diego County that lies in the Colorado River Basin Hydrologic Region.  The area also includes a small portion of the Borrego Valley watershed in southern Riverside County.  This area was created to provide a mechanism for the back country communities to apply for State grant funding opportunities.  In order to achieve this status, three public agencies, two with water authority, were required for the region to be accepted by the California Department of Water Resources.  These agencies are the County of San Diego, the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County and the Borrego Water District.  The region was accepted in September 2009.  We have made some major accomplishments but we have just begun to build our regional plan.  The primary goal of this program is to accommodate the public interest and support all in future water projects.  Please read the material and sign up to participate in this funding opportunity.

What is an IRWMP? 

  • Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP)
  • Funding areas established under Proposition 84
  • A grant program
    • To meet long-term water needs
    • To protect water quality and the environment
  • Administered by DWR

Planning Grant Application 3.8.2012


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